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  • A Suitable Boy, seen from the edge

    A Suitable Blog

    21 June, 2016

    Dan writes the 594,000th (surviving) word in his blog, making it longer than virtually every novel, and reveals that...

  • Ice and Lemon, by Pete Hartley

    Ice and Lemon

    22 April, 2014

    Recently, Dan read a book about an alternate-universe version of himself, authored by somebody who very-nearly shares his father's...

  • Sarah and Richard announce to the rest of the family that they're now married.

    Surprises, e.g. a Brother-in-Law

    18 March, 2014

    While on the way to a stag night in Edinburgh, Dan stops to perform magic in Preston and is...

  • Dan rocking the baby, in the sunlight.

    “Uncle Dan”

    14 January, 2014

    Dan reflects briefly on the birth of "tiny", and the crazy week that's come since, along with some adorable...

  • Becky and Sarah in the front of Becky's car, as seen in

    The Family Vlog

    24 August, 2013

    Dan introduces his sister's weekly vlog, and his own review vlog (reviewing his sister's weekly vlog), along with playlist...

  • Ruth's pregnancy test, showing

    Second Time Lucky

    8 July, 2013

    Ruth's pregnant! That's all, really, but you can click through to the blog post for a little more information,...

  • Days Like Weeks

    21 November, 2012

    Dan keeps himself busy with the latest Three Rings release, the Three Rings 10th Birthday Conference, a counselling exam,...

  • A close-up of my dad's Will, showing where it was clearly re-stapled.

    A Broken Oath

    4 November, 2012

    You wouldn't have thought it possible to incorrectly witness an oath or affirmation, would you? But somehow, a solicitor...

  • 4 Things You Should Do When Writing A Will (Which My Dad Didn’t)

    31 August, 2012

    While acting as executor for his father's estate, there have been four particular problems with Dan's dad's Will that...

  • I hold a bottle of Guinness in preparation of

    A Bus Called Peter

    28 August, 2012

    Dan attends a ceremony to name a bus after his father, who died earlier this year, and surprises everybody...

  • My dad, climbing, moments before his accident.

    The Coroner’s Inquest

    26 July, 2012

    Dan provides reflections on his trip to Kendal for the coroner's inquest on his father's death, five months after...

  • A Google+ Hangout with my family and I.

    Living In The Future

    9 July, 2012

    Google+ Hangouts makes multi-user video conferencing so easy that even Dan's mother can do it. It's like living in...

  • Sign:

    Signs Seen in Service Stations

    23 May, 2012

    After a few motorway service station visits, Dan wonders how to drink alcohol in a parallel dimension, and whether...

  • Piranha 3DD. Twice the terror. Double the D's.

    Worst Weekend Of Cinema – Part 2

    15 May, 2012

    In another bad cinema experience, Dan ends up watching the truly dreadful Piranha 3DD.

  • My dad,

    Top of the World

    16 April, 2012

    This weekend, Dan's father finally made it to the North Pole, as part of his charity trek, albeit in...

  • Personal Effects

    11 April, 2012

    Dan's been working on sorting out his late father's estate and his personal effects. Some people have been helpful;...

  • Ashes to Ashes (The Funeral of Peter Huntley)

    4 March, 2012

    Dan's dad's funeral was this Friday. Here, he provides photos, videos, and a write-up of what turned out to...

  • Little Things

    1 March, 2012

    A little under a fortnight after the death of his father, Dan explains how it's the little things, and...

  • Full Stop

    22 February, 2012

    Dan's father was killed this weekend in a tragic accident.

  • New Computer #2 – Dana

    27 January, 2012

    Dana is the second of the two new computers Dan's acquired this month. She's tiny, reasonably-powerful, and uses almost...

  • Northern Radio

    17 January, 2012

    While standing in the shower and listening to a local radio station, in Lancashire, Dan considers the impact of...

  • Five Beds

    4 January, 2012

    During his Christmas and New Year tour of the UK, Dan is offered the chance to sleep on no...

  • To The North Pole!

    27 December, 2011

    In April 2012, Dan's dad will walk to the North Pole. Dan shares a few words of encouragement, and...

  • Instead Of Blogging…

    1 August, 2011

    In a declaration of 'blog bankruptcy', Dan lists all of the topics that he'd hoped to have blogged about...

  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    16 May, 2011

    Days before he and the other Earthlings move out of Old Earth forever, Dan finally gets to have a...

  • Well-Wishes

    6 May, 2011

    Dan says thanks to everybody who, upon hearing about his dad's injury, passed on their "get well soon" wishes.

  • Well That’s Confusing

    28 July, 2010

    My dad… is in Aberystwyth. And I’m not. That’s a little unusual. He’s mid-way through a cycle tour of...

  • Busy Weekends Part II

    21 July, 2010

    Following up on my post about the weekend before the weekend before last – here’s what I got up...

  • Busy Weekends Part I

    20 July, 2010

    The weekend before the weekend before last, Ruth, JTA and I went up to Preston, for: My Sister’s Birthday...

  • Alice Cooper, Richard & Kathryn’s Wedding, Etc.

    10 December, 2009

    A very brief summary of some of the things I got up to last weekend with Ruth: Nottingham Alice...