Dan Q found GC3742 SP9

This checkin to GC3742 SP9 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Well this was a challenge! The woods threw off my GPS, but I’d brought a backup device so I averaged between them and found a likely GZ. The dog and I did an increasingly large spiral, checking all the obvious hiding spots, to no avail. Returning to our start point we began another pass, and something caught my eye! It was the cache!

A few things had made it challenging:

  • I put the coordinates 13m from where the CO does. Could be the woods, but I’m not the first to say about this distance.
  • This cache is by no means a “regular”. It’s not even a “small”. It would fit inside a 35mm film canister, which in my mind makes it clearly a “micro”!
  • It wasn’t in the hiding place indicated by the hint! I found in on the ground, beneath leaf litter, with thanks to my energetic leaf-kicking geohound!

Signed log and returned cache to the nearest hiding spot that fits the hint, hopefully others will find it more easily than we did! TFTC from Demmy the Dog and I!

Dan crouches in a forest; a French Bulldog is stretching up to lick his arm.



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