Dan Q found GC49ERR #5 Billy Wynt – Up Top

This checkin to GC49ERR #5 Billy Wynt - Up Top reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Wow, definitely had to go off the beaten track for this one. I took a route up and tightly alongside the fence, and only after getting to the GZ did I discover the easier way. Still a tough thing to find with the foliage so verdant. TFTC and thanks for the walk and the view, too!

From the top of the folly I can just make out my hotel in the distance (see photo)! Better go get some breakfast!

Dan, on a hilltop, points down into the valley between this and the next hill over. Where he's pointing is a white-and-brown-brick building with a grey slate roof in the iconic shape of a Travelodge hotel.



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