Dan Q couldn’t find GC9K2D0 The Footpath Wonder

This checkin to GC9K2D0 The Footpath Wonder reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Saw the notification pop up and thought this was an obvious FTF opportunity, so me and a geokid zipped out and mounted a search. After about 20 minutes of hunting we double checked hint cache details – only a D2/T1: maybe we’re not on form today. Or maybe something else is amiss: a brand new cache by a cacher with no finds and no (other) hides, with no description and no hint? Did this perhaps get published prematurely? We’ll come back later in the week for another go, but for now this one’s a sad-face for us.

Dan and John look sad near the site of a possibly non-existent geocache.

Map of 51.754043,-1.393039

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