Dan Q found GC98N3F Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #7 Elisabeth Moss

This checkin to GC98N3F Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #7 Elisabeth Moss reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Spotting the geotrail here was easy. Avoiding the spiky plants was harder, and for the first time today I regretted having dressed so lightly. Found the cache without difficulty, but returned from its hiding place with my shins covered in sticky-grass. Yet more picking away flora was needed before I could press on on my bike.

This trail’s been fantastic so far; I wish I’d brought the kids – they’d have loved it! Well, actually I’m glad I didn’t because it’s their bedtime, but under different circumstances I’d totally come back again and bring them!

Map of 51.7724,-1.4373

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