Dan Q found GC98N40 Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #8 E.T.

This checkin to GC98N40 Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #8 E.T. reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My last cache before I pedal on to Witney for my pizza supper! I soon found the hiding place but it still took me a long while to find exactly where the cache was hidden… and even longer to extract it from the depths of its narrow hiding place. In the end I needed to manufacture a tool – a loop of metal made from a paperclip, taped to the tip of a pin – to snag it. Managed in the end, and felt like I’d earned my pizza. (Attached pic is of me about a quarter hour later enjoying my picnic!)

Dan sits on the grass with a Dominos pizza box and a can of beer. His bike is in the background, leaning on a stylistically-corroded piece of metal artwork.

Map of 51.773917,-1.433683

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