Dan Q found GC98N2V Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #6 Treebeard

This checkin to GC98N2V Tar Lakes/South Leigh Loop #6 Treebeard reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

The combine harvesters have been out in force today – a small flotilla of them passed my house earlier this afternoon – and I soon found evidence that they’d been here before me. Fresh cut rows of corn, the straw piled up and ready for baling, dominated the golden fields. There are two major landmarks in sight here that made my ‘cacher brain tingle, but one of them isn’t on the path. I zipped over to the other and soon found the cache: nice to see a more-regular-sized one after so many smaller ones today.

Stopped for a drink break here because the heat was starting to get to me and – as the picture shows! – I was turning into a sweaty mess. But I was glad of the view, while I did so.

Selfie of Dan standing by a tree in a freshly-mowed cornfield.



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