Dan Q found GCRJA8 Double Secret Trailhead

This checkin to GCRJA8 Double Secret Trailhead reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My first US cache: greetings from Oxford, UK. I’m over here for a conference and a little sightseeing and as I woke early this morning (my internal clock still thinks it’s in Britain despite my incredibly long day off travelling, yesterday!) I figured I’d walk from my hotel to the conference centre and pick up a couple of caches on the way. I made a cache of my own in a similar style to this, recently (GC86MHH/OK04AC) but yours is way more resilient-looking. SL, TNLN, FP for being my first cache on this continent (and for it reminding me of one of my own!).

Dan alongside Calabazas Creek

Map of 37.395133,-121.986417

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