Dan Q found GC4HW7M HR10 – Hedge Your Bets

This checkin to GC4HW7M HR10 - Hedge Your Bets reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Skipping HR18 through HR11, we powered on down Packet Lane. Robin had come up this way yesterday – in the opposite direction – while navigating a (deliberately cryptic) map as part of the final leg of his Challenge Robin adventure, and insisted that there’d been a pub down here somewhere where he was suggesting that we stop for a pint and, perhaps, lunch. I was skeptical: I’d been monitoring his progress using The Gadget, a remote GPS-tracker I’d kitted him out with for his adventure, and from the route it’d looked like he’d taken from the (admittedly shonky) data I’d collected, I couldn’t see a pub that matched his description: he claimed it was called “The Track”, but that definitely didn’t fit.

As we made our way to this cache I continued to mock him for having found a “ghost pub” during his adventure. This was an easy find, so we signed the log and continued on our way to find this “ghost pub” (perhaps, Robin joked, they’d have a great selection of spirits…).

Map of 50.122083,-5.416483

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