Review of Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator

This review originally appeared on Steam. See more reviews by Dan.

Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator is a light-hearted, (quite literally) Monty Python-silly timed-turns insult-spitting game for one or two players. It’s the perfect casual luck-heavy puzzler for anybody whose hovercraft is full of eels, whose parrot is pining for the fjords, or who would like to learn The Meaning of Life. There are fun unlockables to keep you playing for a couple of hours, and it’s worth every penny of the £1.43 I paid for it (I’d have loved it at £1.50, too, except that I wouldn’t have seen it in the first place were it not on sale).

So the next time somebody tells you that you have a silly walk or you decide that you’d like to have an argument, just remember to tell them: “Your mother secretly admires your liver, and will soon be dead.” That ought to put them in their place! But until that day, give Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator a go.


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