Review of Raw Data

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The most intense and engaging VR experience I’ve ever had.

Whether you’re dodging and diving behind cover while you fire your pistol or you’re getting up-close with the androids as you swing your laser sword, you’re always on the move in this immersive, high-energy VR shooter. The teleport mechanic minimises motion sickness even for those who suffer badly, the graphics are nothing short of beautiful, and there’s nothing quite so terrifying as the moment that you realise that THERE’S ONE OF THEM BEHIND YOU! MOVE!

The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems

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I have a vivid, recurring dream. I climb the stairs in my parents’ house to see my old bedroom. In the back corner, I hear a faint humming.

It’s my old computer, still running my 1990s-era bulletin board system (BBS, for short), “The Cave.” I thought I had shut it down ages ago, but it’s been chugging away this whole time without me realizing it—people continued calling my BBS to play games, post messages, and upload files. To my astonishment, it never shut down after all…

The author’s computer connecting to BBS in 1996 (Benj Edwards)