Review for ProtonMail Encryption Status by Morgan Larosa

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Does what it says on the tin! Short and sweet codebase that’s easy enough to verify personally, and doesn’t ask for any crazy permissions.

I probably needn’t care about this validation: when I wrote a Thunderbird plugin to enhance integration with ProtonMail, I wrote it principally for myself: scratching my own itch. It was nice to see that (at time of writing) a few hundred other people have made use of the extension too, but it wasn’t essential. I’d be maintaining it regardless because I use it every day.

But it still warmed my heart to see a five-star review come in alongside a clearly-expressed justification.

Review of Kidlington Green Gardens

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Basic green space unfortunately bordered on all sides by moderately-busy roads, giving the area the feel of a traffic island. Trees are decorated each Christmas, and cycle racks are available, but no other amenities to speak of. More a passing-through place than anything else.

Map of 51.8099217,-1.2803039

Review of Osborne Close [bus stop]

This review of Osborne Close originally appeared on Google Maps. See more reviews by Dan.

Shelter, but no seating. No digital display board (go around the corner to Yarnton Road if you want to know how soon your bus is coming). Note that coming from Oxford the 2A takes a circuitous route to get to this end of Grovelands: you’re usually faster to catch a 2, 2B or 2C even if you have to wait longer for it.

Map of 51.8180430,-1.2925670