Dan Q found GLMDCFM3 Ghosts of Hampton Gay

This checkin to GLMDCFM3 Ghosts of Hampton Gay reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

An Easter Sunday adventure for my 2 y/of neice and I brought us out here to find this cache. Yesterday we found the one on the other side of the river and had talked about the ruins we could see in the distance, so this seemed like an obvious outing!

Wellie’d up we hit the trail, although the little monster’s wellies were mostly unnecessary as she insisted on riding atop my shoulders all the way to the GZ. On the way, she observed that the old manor house – with fences and warning signs all around but a small agricultural shelter within the grounds – “is for pigs, not for people”.

Fix at GZ was a little shaky so it took us a few minutes to find, but we got there in the end. No sign of the World Travel Geocoin or AEC Routemaster travel bugs, but a different bug in situ. TNLN, SL, and saw what might well have been another ‘cacher dismount his bike as we headed back to the road: good luck, possibly-fellow-cacher! TFTC.


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