Dan Q found GLG6FMEM Constellations 4

This checkin to GLG6FMEM Constellations 4 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.


Glad to see the “danger” and “no kids” tags on this one, but presquevu and I were surprised to see that it, like the others in this series, recommend that they’ve visited on a clear night! Being out here at night, on foot, sounds to me like a good way to get hit by one of the many cars and trucks on this busy and dangerous road!

Like some others – according to the logs – we spent some time on the wrong side of the road with this one, and when we eventually opted to take the hint it didn’t help us much until we’d already given up and were about to walk away. Found the cache in the end, but that felt like a lot of effort and a great deal of danger for the payoff!


Map of 51.74652,-1.42885

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