Clarification on Rule 2? Can we even *mention* /r/The_Haven?

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[this was originally posted to a private subreddit]

Hi, /r/The_Haven. I’ve had a disagreement with our member /u/NOT_MEEHAN and wanted to get clarification from the community about the interpretation of Rule 2. It all started when I mentioned /r/The_Haven in this thread in the MegaMegaLounge, and /u/NOT_MEEHAN replied to say that I shouldn’t.

My interpretation of Rule 2 is that you can only tell people outside /r/The_Haven the following:

  1. That it exists (e.g. make inks to /r/The_Haven).
  2. That it’s “super legit and awesome” or “the best subreddit ever”.
  3. The stuff that appears on the “you’re not allowed in; here’s how to request access” page, which is publicly-visible anyway.

/u/NOT_MEEHAN disagreed with me, and suggested that specifically the first of those interpretations wasn’t true: i.e. that Rule 2 forbids even mentioning that /r/The_Haven exists. As a precaution, I immediately edited my comments to minimise disruption, but because I think that /u/NOT_MEEHAN‘s interpretation might be wrong, I thought I’d come here and ask you guys, the community (and moderators) for a ruling.

tl;dr: Does Rule 2 prohibit mentioning elsewhere on Reddit that /r/The_Haven even exists?


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