The Axis Of Evil vs. The Sound Of Music: Dan Loses

So Claire, Ele, Matt and I were at the Scholars pub quiz tonight, where our team, the aptly-named Bringing Up The Rear, came in joint last place. Perhaps the most shameful part was the following question: “This week The Sun mentioned a country in a headline: ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like…’ what?”

So we started thinking: we hadn’t seen the article in question, not being – thankfully – Sun readers, but it shouldn’t be so hard one you’d spotted the pattern. Obviously, we were looking for a country who’s name was like “Maria”, and which had been in the news recently. This is where the problem started.

You see, we all started thinking of words that looked like “Maria”, rather than ones that sounded like “Maria”. We came up with Syria and put it down as our answer, not realising until later, “Hey, Korea actually rhymes with Maria… and it’s a little bit topical these days.”

Yes, we are officially too dumb for the easy questions in our local pub quiz.