Dan Q found GLFM84FT MarstonMystery5

This checkin to GLFM84FT MarstonMystery5 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

It’s still there, folks! Glad I didn’t look at the logs before I started searching or I might have given up prematurely! My ‘cacher-sense was tingling as I approached the GZ: there is one really obvious hiding spot! After an unsuccessful search, though, I figured I must be wrong and deciphered the hint, which strongly suggested that the “obvious place” really WAS where I should be looking. I tried again, and sure enough, it’s right where it ought to be: you just need to keep looking for a while! Easy reach for any adult – don’t give up!

Excellent container in an excellent spot – FP awarded. Now off back to the Vic for a well-earned pint!

Map of 51.77988,-1.24837

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