Out Of Town

Claire and I are out of town for about 31 hours, off to Norfolk but back on Sunday evening to make plans for Fresher’s Fair. My apologies to everybody I’ve been trying to get things done for this last week: it’s been somewhat insane over here.

For those of you travelling this way this weekend (Lawrence, Kit, etc.): JTA is here and can let you into the The Cottage, and there’s a “welcome” leaflet on the living room door. Unless there’s some kind of disaster we’ll be back in town before Kit is, but you never can tell. That’s the thing about disasters.

I’ve got a lot of things I mean to write about: my latest (very successful) homebrew, happenings in Aber, progress with camping for the upcoming Real Ale Ramble, and more. Just… don’t ask until like Monday, and that way I won’t have to kill you.