Geohashing expedition 2014-04-21 51 -1

This checkin to geohash 2014-04-21 51 -1 reflects a geohashing expedition. See more of Dan's hash logs.


A gap in a hedge just to the side of a lane running from Kidlington to North Yarnton, near the level crossing on the line that connects Oxford to Banbury.


Team Greendale

  • Dan Q
  • His partner Ruth
  • Her baby, Annabel


Geohashpoint 2014-04-21 51 -1A Easter Bank Holiday weekend: what a perfect time for geohashing: and not just because of the warm weather and the fact that you can plan your expedition an extra day in advance, thanks to the exchange closures! No, it’s a great time especially because today’s hashpoint was a mere 300 metres from my house, as the crow flies (though the crow, at least, didn’t have to work his way down to to the bridge over the canal in order to get there).

The hashpoint turned out to be in a gap in the hedge, half-way between down the road connecting a canal bridge to a level crossing. We saw a squirrel.

On the way back, Dan insisted that Ruth (and Annabel, who didn’t get much say in the matter) came with him to find nearby geocaches GC3P0QK and GC3P0RJ on the way back home, before they spent the day out in the sunshine exploring Oxfordshire in general.



Dan, Ruth, and baby Annabel at geohashpoint 2014-04-21 51 -1
Dan, Ruth, and baby Annabel at the hashpoint
Dan, Ruth, and baby Annabel at geohashpoint 2014-04-21 51 -1×


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