Celebrations Are In Order!

Celebrations are in order! Paul says so!

To celebrate Sian (and others) having completed recent dissertations and other academically-significant projects, the usual crew are cordially invited for curry at Cafe All Spice at 6:15pm, followed by the Ship & Castle (there’s a beer festival on!).

Another Knightmare

Peter and I, this time joined by Matt, JTA, Ruth, Andy R, Sian, and Katie watched another eight episodes of Knightmare (the first half of the second series) last night. Highlights include:

  • First ever winning team: they sucked up, they bribed, and they otherwise twisted the NPCs around their little fingers. Having seen this technique work, they tried being friendly to everything, with almost disastrous effects in level 3. Still slightly dozy, though: when they discover themselves on the nose of a large reptilian-looking creature, breathing smoke, they guessed it was a “crocodile”.
  • Wall Monster (giving riddle): This prince of Islam held all of Christendom at bay;
    To them he was known as Salah al Din;
    But how is it that we know him?
    Dungeoneer: Buddha?
  • First ever Asian dungeoneer (guided by three particularly stupid girls) comes across a giant, and Tregard says they need to “persuade it that they aren’t good to eat”. Matt chimes up: “Don’t eat me… I taste of curry!”
  • As Ruth describes: Dungeoneer’s guides repeatedly fail to mis-spell “shroud” (i.e. spell it in the wrong order), despite having just had it spelt for them on-screen.

After Knightmare, Pete, Matt, Katie and I sat up ’til about 2ish and debated religion, literature, philosophy, and 80’s television, in approximately the opposite of that order.

Knightmare again… next Tuesday!

“Spellcasting: Y-E-R-M-U-M.”