Dan Q found GL4ZB6AQ Famous Grouse

This checkin to GL4ZB6AQ Famous Grouse reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

This cache was a primary goal of mine, today, because a travel bug I set off on it’s travels (a long while back, and in Wales), “The Oxford Scouting Party”, had safely landed here and I wanted to pick it up. Coming up the path from London Road after such rain was a mistake, because the path was wet and slippery, but I got there in the end and found the cache without too much difficulty (although I did need the clue to help make sure I was looking in the right place!). Took my travel bug, left a rubber bouncy ball and a sliding puzzle of a tiger.

And I did get to see a grouse or two on the way up! Two grouse? Grouses? Grice???

Thanks for a wonderful cache and an enjoyable walk.

Map of 51.75198,-1.18277

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