Banquet In A Box

Earlier this week, Ruth and JTA were away, and evidently Ruth thought that I wouldn’t be able to look after myself (usually she’d just leave out large bowls of kibble and water), because on Tuesday lunchtime I heard a knock at the door. When I answered, a deliveryman gave me a large parcel clearly labelled to say that I should be near a freezer before I open it.

Once I’d gotten past the “WTF?” of this unexpected delivery, I opened the box, and – within the insulated polystyrene box within, found a “heat and eat” gourmet meal from Banquet In A Box.

Each item was clearly labelled with it’s cooking instructions (or defrosting instructions, in the case of the cake). The meal it eventually produced was surprisingly good, although everything took about 25% longer to heat than was estimated on the packaging.

I skim over all of that – cool though it was – because the real treat was that the box was chock full of slabs of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). It being years since I’d last had the chance to play with dry ice, I immediately started messing about with it: making fog, bubbles, a small and unsuccessful bomb (I didn’t really have a suitable container and had to improvise), and noise… and also keeping my drinks cool and awesome-looking for the rest of the day. If you can’t see my video, below, you can view it on YouTube.

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