Dan Q found GL3FWHCM PC-004 Not Quite The Thames Path

This checkin to GL3FWHCM PC-004 Not Quite The Thames Path reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Third cache in today’s expedition. The trees and fence made the GPS signal spotty, but a quick walk up and down a few times got us a good fix on this beautiful little cache. I’ve never found an ammo box cache before, so this is my first, and it was quite an experience: a whole trove of treasures! Took the Seattle Compass-Thermometer travel bug (but didn’t think to take a temperature reading at the time, will try to remember to do so when I drop it off) and the Poker Events Geocoin (not listed as being in the box, listed as being with it’s owner!), and left the Red Jeep Travel Bug.

Thanks for a great cache!

Map of 51.61725,-1.11435

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