Dan Q found GL3FWJW2 PC-007 Dog Gone Agility

This checkin to GL3FWJW2 PC-007 Dog Gone Agility reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Unfortunately we didn’t plan our trip quite wisely enough, and this – the sixth cache of the day for fleeblewidget and I – involved us crossing over the A4074 for a third and then (when we left) a fourth time for the day, which did take quite some time as we had to wait for breaks in the traffic which were few and far between. But the reward was worth it: this cache is one of the cleverest I’ve ever seen.

fleeblewidget actually PICKED UP the cache to look under it before I realised that what she had in her hand was, actually, the cache! Watched a few helicopters taking off from and landing at the nearby air force base as we waited for a gap in the traffic on our way back. Great cache, thanks!


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