My Mum’s Partner Slept With Sarah Michelle Gellar

I’ve got your attention now.

It’s true, but it’s not like you’d think. My mum’s partner, otherwise known as Andy – or, sometimes, as Slightly Weaseldump – was working in the USA last week and when he was due to fly back his ‘plane was cancelled by bad weather. The alternative flight offered would take him not to the UK but to Paris, where he’d be able to get a short-hop flight back to Manchester (I suppose by the time you’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean, hitting Europe is considered to be a “hit”). They’d run out of regular, second-class, Irish-dancing-in-the-bowels-of-the-aeroplane seats by this point, of course, so they upgraded him to the rich people’s part of the ‘plane, right up at the front (although behind the pilot, obviously). And right next to, he soon discovered, Sarah Michelle Gellar, better known to many of us here in Aber as Buffy Summers.

Apparently she was on her way to Paris to take part in some kind of promotion relating to some perfume or something. And she has a little red mobile phone. And she’s friendly. Although he didn’t get her to autograph.

And being an overnight flight, they naturally ended up taking a kip. So, by technicality if by nothing else, he can now claim to have slept with Sarah Michelle Gellar. He called my mum to tell her so, but it sounds like she was neither as amused nor as impressed as I was to hear the same news.

Edit: Please see the discussion in the comments regarding the believability of this story.


  1. ck ck says:

    I’m thinking your Mum’s Partner is probably mistaken. Sarah is around 8 months pregnant, and don’t see her flying at this time.

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:


    Looks like you’re right about her pregnancy (I didn’t know; I don’t follow celebrity news even a little). Thanks for the info.

  3. Andy Andy says:

    You’re right! Now I’ve got some googling to do for someone who looks uncannily like her, calls herself Sarah and is in the ‘Celeb perfume’ business… Any ideas out there?

  4. Dan's Mum Dan's Mum says:

    Deay me….. I’m not surprised he got it wrong, every time we watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ he thinks Keira Knightly is the actress out of Titanic…..

  5. Dan's Mum Dan's Mum says:

    And is it worse that he sleeps with Buffy or some unknown perfume tart on a plane? Now there’s a dilemma…..

  6. Dan's Mum Dan's Mum says:

    Hang on…. given how much you went on about how ‘skinny’ she was, it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker was it? She has a perfume range and launches them in Paris.

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