Fry’s Dog

Remember Jurassic Bark, Futurama series four, episode seven? It’s the one in which Fry’s dog, Seymour, left in the present-day when Fry gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the far future, sits outside the pizza parlour where Fry had worked, waiting for him to return. Turns out it’s based on a true (sad) story, of a dog called Hachiko. Read about Haciko’s life here.

Thought I’d share for all the rest of you Futurama-junkies out there.


  1. The one episode of Futurama I can’t watch. Particularly since January this year.

  2. Mosh Mosh says:

    I actually cried the first time I saw this episode. Just a little watering of the eyes, but all the same.

    Oh, and the second time.

    I most recently cried at the film-length episodes but more over how awful they were.

  3. Suz Suz says:

    Oh Dan, you’ve made me feel ever so sad!! I hated that episode and can’t believe there’s a real version of the poor doggy! I like to think my cat would miss me that much if I died, but I know it’d be fine the second someone opened some tuna.

  4. Alec Alec says:

    That episode always makes me blub like a little pussy.

    For faithful pooches see also

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