Invisible Girl

Last night I met the most invisible person ever. She was sat in the Ship & Castle with some of the regulars when I introduced myself. "Yeah, we’ve already met," she said. Some way later into a conversation, we’d determined:

  • I’d seen her before at the Ship & Castle, and looked right through her.

  • She’d served me breakfast a few days ago, at the Treehouse.

  • And we did some voluntary work together when we were both students.

Even after all of this, I wasn’t sure I recognised her until I went home and found a photo with her in! I apologised profusely, but she genuinely didn’t care that she’s seemingly able to turn invisible: in actual fact, she seems to like and has come to expect it. We made a comparison to that Buffy episode where lots of people ignore this girl and she turns invisible and starts killing people. She promised not to start killing people. That’s kind-of reassuring. She doesn’t look particularly strong, but I don’t want to get on the wrong side of anybody who I can’t see.

Personally, I’d hate being so unobvious: I love being able to be "seen" when I want to be, so it was hard for me to understand the attraction. Perhaps she’s just resigned to it after decades of being ignored.

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  1. So a girl you meet in The SHip claims that she’s met you a few times before and you take her back to your place to look at photos?


  2. Just wait until you’re 50! You get more invisible with age in my experience (but fortunately, perhaps, care less in equal proportion).

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