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  1. You need to get through the first few episodes. I just saw the 4th (?) episode, the one entitled ‘Hiros’ and that was certainly fun. But the opening’s a bit of a struggle, especially when they talk of characters that are absent from the show (dead, missing, dissappeared) and then you see a photo of them and you can name the actor.

  2. I got the first two episodes the other week.

    I was pretty skeptical about it but it actually seems pretty entertaining. I believe it is exactly the sort of fodder for Troma Night.
    I think I’ll probably end up waiting until summer to watch it properly though – they’re sticking it on BBC2.

    Just my little opinon for you there.

  3. Did you guys enjoy it? I pondered coming for this one but decided I didn’t want to see the first couple of episodes a 3rd time.

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