Grow Some Balls And Quit

Jimmy‘s first book deal:

Grow Some Balls And Quit, the book

Grow Some Balls And Quit

5 Stars A Real Eye-Opener by C. Waltham

Until I read Carter’s book, I had no idea that I was being so pathetic. Grow Some Balls And Quit showed me that I was just being a whiny pussy and that I could take my life into my own hands without having to resort to stupid measures like personal therapists and life coaches. Thanks, Jimmy!

4 Stars Good, but not great by bookworm331

This book is full of great ideas about how to pull your finger out and fix your own problems, rather than just complaining to the rest of the world about how “it’s not fair,” or how you just got unlucky. Jimmy Carter compels us to take responsibility for our own problems and not ask other people to solve them for us.

I find it slightly hypocritical how he shuns self-help books, despite this being one, and more than a little sexist that he implies that the only way we can become self-reliant is to “grow some balls”: of course I realise this is a metaphor for courage, but the point remains the same.

I’d highly recommend this book to anybody: even if you’re not a liberal shithead you can lend it to your friends who are.

1 Stars i dont get it by whiner

How can people think that this book will solve all of their problems???! i have lots of problems and this book hasnt helped 1 bit!!! I was given a copy by a friend who said that it would help me pull myself together but all it does is insult me and tell me that i am useless. the only way to realy solve your problems is to put your trust in to the lord JESUS CHRIST.

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