Ever played a text-based adventure (interactive fiction) before? If so, this is a must-see. If not, now’s the time to start. I’ve just finished playing a short IF called Photopia, which won two prestigious (in IF circles) XYZZYnews awards back in 1998.

It’s not… great as an adventure game, but it’s amazing as a story. It’s… so amazingly clever and well thought-out. If you’re an experienced text-adventurer, you’ll be able to see it all in under an hour (and there is, of course, a SAVE and LOAD function). Wow. Just… just go play it. Go on.

Two good ways to get it:

  • Option 1: Download, packaged for Windows – download, extract to a folder, run the batch file (“play_the_game”, or something) – do this if you’re not experienced with setting up your IF enviroment.
  • Option 2: Get Photopia 2.01 (Glulx Edition) and a Glulx interpreter for your favourite operating system. You’ll work out the rest.


  1. Sundeep Sundeep says:

    Am I allowed to be on your ‘friends’ list please??
    Hey how are you and Claire?
    Oh, Linda Rolleson knows who you are.

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Yes, now you are.

    Yup, she will – I have been backstage tech. support for the Student Skills Competition for three years running, and part of the CPW scheme – which she used to run – and she helped me find my current job, and… yeh; basically, I know Lynda Rollason.

  3. Mister JTA Mister JTA says:

    That game rocks. Really quite stunningly!

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