Geeky Winnage With Bluetooth

Geeky winnage! This evening I wrote a pair of applications enabling me to use my new Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone as a remote control for WinDVD, the DVD playing software I use on my computer.

Not just a geeky project, this is fuelled by a genuine need: every Troma Night, when the pizza arrives, we end up scrambling for the keyboard in order to pause the film, or I find myself wandering back and forwards, trying to set the volume to an audible-to-all but not-deafening level. With the aid of this new funky toy, I can do this from my seat. Toy.

I’m looking forward to other ideas for uses for this technology. Tools already exist to allow you to control your media player and PowerPoint presentations using a Bluetooth mobile phone, but I’m sure that there are more useful applications that I can use in order to improve my own, personal geeky life.


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