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  • A tealight candle burning in the dark.

    Hello 2013: My Birthday

    5 March, 2013

    Dan managed to spend the afternoon of his birthday away from his computer and in the pub... but only...

  • A Surprise Christmas Gift

    1 December, 2011

    A surprise package arrives outside Dan's office door. What's inside? A whole heap of goodness, that's what.

  • QR Codes of the Bodleian

    30 September, 2011

    For the Bodleian Libraries' latest exhibition, Treasures of the Bodleian, Dan's produced some unusual QR codes to sit alongside...

  • Time

    22 August, 2011

    Some people are goldfish, and some people are midgets. Dan's a goldfish. What are you?

  • Work Calendar [NSFW?]

    13 August, 2011

    Dan is momentarily alarmed by an abstract art piece - supposedly inspired by a flower - that appears in...

  • First Class Film

    29 June, 2011

    Dan watches X-Men: First Class, and spots his office in the background during a part of the film. No;...

  • Fonts of the Ancients

    23 June, 2011

    Dan adds UTF-8 support to the CMS that powers the Bodleian Libraries' websites, and ponders how he'd justify the...

  • My New Pet Hate, part II

    15 June, 2011

    Dan shares a screenshot of a screenshot within a screenshot. I N C E P T I O N.

  • A Small World Conspiracy

    19 April, 2011

    Dan is contacted by somebody he met many years ago in a chance meeting, which quickly goes on to...

  • The Final Hours

    8 April, 2011

    It's Dan's final day working for SmartData: on Monday, he starts his new job at the Bodleian Library. As...

  • On This Day in 2002 (New Job!)

    4 March, 2011

    Dan looks back to 2002, when he began working for SmartData. Now, nine years on, he's planning to move...

  • The Week of Balls

    16 February, 2011

    Dan says the word "balls" a lot, statistically speaking, as he deals with a broken boiler (at home) and...

  • Hectic (so let’s look at Paul, instead of writing a proper blog post)

    17 November, 2010

    Between SmartData work, Three Rings work, freelance work, strange new bits of voluntary work, and the rapidly-looming wedding between...

  • Roman Typesetters

    27 September, 2010

    When ancient Roman typesetters or web designers were showcasing a design, and didn’t want the content of the (dummy)...

  • Right Feature, Wrong Project

    17 September, 2010

    Since I’ve been working from home, things with my “day job” at SmartData have ticked along pretty much the...

  • There Is Such A Thing As Working Too Hard

    25 May, 2009

    And while I’ve failed at hitting it, having scooped up my laptop and gone down to the beach only...

  • What Does This Bug Report Mean?

    2 January, 2009

    A bug report just came in from a client I’m responsible for at work. It reads: …Main menu –...

  • Swimming To Work

    12 August, 2008

    I turned up to work this morning, bright and early, and the first thing I noticed was that my...

  • Paul Is The Most Fucking Random Person In The World

    5 May, 2005

    Paul M: fucking nutter. The most random person you’re ever likely to meet. But you’ve got to love his...

  • I’m Still In Aber. Yay.

    30 March, 2004

    [this post has been partially damaged during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004, and it has been...

  • Out Of Place

    18 December, 2003

    [this post was lost during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004; it was recovered on 21st March...

  • Frustrating

    16 December, 2003

    [this post was lost during a server failure on Sunday 11th July 2004; it was recovered on 21st March...

  • Royal Welsh Show

    23 July, 2003

    I’m writing this from the (badly-protected: just had to go to a page with a particularly funky JavaScript to...

  • Dark Side Of The Moon

    21 July, 2003

    Spent last night in a dark room with Paul, Kit and Claire, listening to a DTS-encoded 5.1 surround sound...

  • Injured

    16 July, 2003

    Spent last night on the beach with Andy, Alec, Paul, Claire, and others last night. Folks like Andy and...

  • Butterfingers

    14 July, 2003

    Butterfingers gave me a courtesy call at work this morning to tell me that my juggling gear will be...

  • Monday Morning

    7 July, 2003

    Another new week. I’m surprisingly jolly about it. Spent the morning so far discussing corporate image with my boss....

  • Late

    2 July, 2003

    Running late for work. Was supposed to get up and take laptop to Daton as part of an insurance...

  • LiveJournals

    1 July, 2003

    Many of my friends here in Aber seem to have thier own weblogs on LiveJournal. I’m almost tempted to...

  • Back From Lancashire, Continued

    30 June, 2003

    Spent the last four days in Lancashire and elsewhere in the North of England, visiting my folks (among other...