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  • Gypsies, a Turkey, a pan of French Fries, and the Kings of Leon

    Odd One Out?

    24 December, 2013

    Which is the odd-one out: gypsies, turkeys, french fries, or the Kings of Leon? It's a simple riddle, but...

  • Counterfeit Monkey

    Counterfeit Monkey

    22 January, 2013

    Earlier this year, Dan played Emily Short's latest interactive fiction game, Counterfeit Monkey, and decided that it was among...

  • The Nontheist Glossary

    24 January, 2012

    Dan talks about what the word "nontheism" means to him, as an umbrella term for a whole heap of...

  • The Crack

    4 April, 2011

    Dan defines esotericism for a man who's repairing his floorboards. That is all.

  • The Week of Balls

    16 February, 2011

    Dan says the word "balls" a lot, statistically speaking, as he deals with a broken boiler (at home) and...