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  • Anniversary at Wriggles Brook

    29 August, 2015

    A few weeks ago Ruth and Dan celebrated their eighth anniversary in a gypsy caravan at Wriggles Book, Herefordshire,...

  • La Chapelle Notre-Dame des Neiges, near Montagny, as seen across the valley from La Nouvaz

    The Right Place At The Right Time

    6 February, 2015

    While hunting for an Alpine geocache, Dan discovers two lost hikers and rescues them from a blizzard.

  • Annabel looks out over the Eden Project

    Devon – the trip we’ll never forget

    16 June, 2014

    Dan, Ruth, JTA take a holiday in Devon. And for better or worse, it becomes a trip that they’ll…

  • Narrowboating

    12 December, 2013

    Back in the summer, Dan went narrowboating with Ruth, JTA, and Matt P, and the experience slowed his thinking...

  • 20130609_161547


    2 July, 2013

    Dan sticks googly eyes to things. Hilarity ensues.

  • 20130608_201814


    24 June, 2013

    JTA, Dan, Ruth, and her mother take a long-weekend holiday to the island of Jersey, and nobody kills anybody.

  • I'm sure that the hot tub was only meant to seat five or six, but that didn't stop us all piling into it at the end of a day's snowsports.

    Hello 2013: Les Gets

    21 March, 2013

    Continuing his series of "catch up about the beginning of the year" blog posts, Dan talks about his trip...

  • Ruth discovers a police box and is inordinately excited.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Five

    23 August, 2012

    Day five at the Edinburgh Fringe sees Ruth, JTA and Dan meet up with Matt's new girlfriend, Hannah-Mae, watch...

  • David Bann, Edinburgh.

    Edinburgh 2012 – Day Three

    22 August, 2012

    Dan watches lots more comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, eats two enormous meals, and learns about science.

  • Edinburgh 2012 – Day One (was: On The Fringe)

    20 August, 2012

    Dan goes with Ruth and JTA to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is joined by Matt R.

  • Map of the 2012 Free Fringe.

    Edinburgh Free Fringe 2012 Venue Map

    25 July, 2012

    To help him get around the Free Fringe in Edinburgh this year, Dan's made a map of all of...

  • Touring Scotland

    6 February, 2012

    The week before last, Dan spent driving around Scotland: climbing, walking, drinking and laughing.

  • Cinco de Mayo

    8 May, 2011

    By dressing as a Mexican, Dan gets free beer and free burritos on Cinco de Mayo.

  • Scotland Etc.

    16 June, 2009

    A quick summary of a holiday (and a series of associated trips on the side) that Ruth and I...

  • And The Rest Of Bulgaria

    13 February, 2008

    Oh yeah, suppose I ought to finish writing about Bulgaria now that we’ve been back a couple of days....

  • News From The Slopes

    6 February, 2008

    Fresh from the slopes, over GPRS (at charging rates starting at “two limbs”), comes this report from the Bulgarian...

  • Photos From Malawi

    9 July, 2004

    [the image in this post was...