Dan and Alex

Dan and Alex now has it’s own subdomain, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. Yeah, right. There’s a new episode up, and you can even subscribe to the new RSS feed (or just pick it up on Abnib).

Expect to see more of Dan and Alex in the near future.

Edit: A minor bug in the RSS script resulted in some folks being able to read Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s comics before they were released. This has now been fixed. My apologies to those of you who’ll now have to do without any new episodes until Sunday.

Dan And Alex

Dan & Alex comic

People have been asking me if these comics are actually related to my co-worker, Alex. Of course the answer is no: I would never say anything so unflattering about such a great and able worker as Alex, nor would I ever call him RetardBoy. And obviously these comics aren’t based on actual events: it would just be wrong to imply that these conversations actually happened in any way, shape or form.