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  1. Maybe this has become too much of a computer nerd thing. I cant even pretend to know what was going on there.


  2. Explanation: some fancy anti-malware tools are also on the lookout for “phishing” attacks, where e-mails or web sites (or a combination of the two) attempt to con you into giving them your money. The most famous of these scams seem to come from Nigeria, where they are called “419” scams, after the number in the Nigerian penal code that forbids them.

    In the cartoon, the new software has evidently picked up on the suspicious nature of Alex’s e-mail dialogue with his “Nigerian Pen Pal” (probably a scammer trying to steal his money) and is trying to warn him: however, Alex thinks it’s just telling him that his Pen Pal wants to take him *fishing*, and that the program doesn’t have a great grasp of the language.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Liz. Also, what caused theshange in graphics? Glad to seee it back though, I missed it.

  4. Dan had to change the graphics because the old ones didn’t really capture the rotundness of his man-boobs.

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