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  1. Yes I do sometimes. But I’m not too upset by Dan’s efforts to make me look incompetent – I’m sure he could do worse!

    In fact I think they are cute.

  2. I did wonder how true-to-life the cartoon strips were…until I checked the URI of Alex’s homepage (hover your mouse over his name and look to the bottom left)…

  3. To be fair, if I were to create a comic strip, I would have complete control over the characters personalities – Would I not?

    If you honestly believe that I’m as Dan would have you believe then the fact that I have received a 2-1 degree in software engineering whereas Dan received a 2-2 would indicate that I’m being somewhat misunderstood.

    I don’t mind Dan making jokes about me because I actually know him, whereas, other people commenting here don’t. So please, think before you talk about something you have no idea about.

    Statto, do you also believe that Den Watts is buried in the Queen Vic?

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