#challengerobin is coming close to completion as Robin looks to be under a mile away and heading the right direction! https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-relubbus

Robin approaches Relubbus.
It might not be clear to him yet that there’s a river in the way, but I’m sure he’ll find a bridge. Or swim.

Robin’s found the fourth clue (and a devious puzzle box) in #challengerobin 2. Now can he make it to the accomodation or must I drink all the beer by myself? https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-cudden

#challengerobin Robin’s making slower progress up-hill now as he tries to find a mystery box identified only by its distance, like #geocaching with one eye tied behind your back, I guess. https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-turnpike

Sprinting along the coast, Robin threw himself into #challengerobin and made it to St. Michael’s Mount and back before the causeway was consumed by the waves. His next challenge? Find a secret location knowing only its real-time distance from him: https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-longrock

Robin made it to Penzance and #challengerobin can continue! Receiving his first, well second, clue, he’s racing the tide to St. Michael’s Mount and across the causeway. Can he make it? https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-station

After a series of setbacks, I’m determined to enable #challengerobin to continue. I’m off to meet Robin off his train and get him on-track, skipping the first clue. And his brother Owen’s joining in, too… https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-plan

#challengerobin After the sleeper train was cancelled Robin ended up on a series of regular trains and now isn’t expected in Penzance until several hours after originally planned. Some modifications may be needed… https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-curveball

#challengerobin hit a disaster early on: Robin was to find sleeper train tickets in a puzzle box, but a growing storm (see pic) has caused the train to be cancelled. What now? https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-disaster

#challengerobin pushed-off in earnest with a blue-plaque-treasure trail around London and then back to Paddington station… but it looks like things are about to go very wrong… https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-gardens

#challengerobin Robin finally made it to his contact and has been given a clue – a map to a Kensington street and instructions on what to do when he gets there: https://danq.me/2018/11/09/challenge-robin-2/#waypoint-gbk

A 5am start and a 230-mile drive sounds like a great way to start off my part in #challengerobin 2. Stay tuned for updates/sleepy off-kilter photos…