Dan Q found GCAP4K8 Village Hall Series 1573 – Standlake

This checkin to GCAP4K8 Village Hall Series 1573 - Standlake reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

FTF! Can’t remember the last time I got one of those; it’s been a while. I woke up this morning thinking about an errand I need to run today that would take me near Standlake when I saw the notification that new cache had appeared.

Spurred into action, I opted to do my chore first thing… and find this geocache while on the way there. Parked up at the village hall and quickly found the sign and all the requisite numbers. Spent a little while looking at the wrong host before spotting the other likely candidate, after which the cache was in hand.

Dan, wearing a grey hoodie, stands by a sign welcoming visitors to the village of Standlake.

Didn’t bring tweezers in my haste to leave the house, and I trimmed my nails just the other day, so retrieving the log book was a bit of a challenge. Eventually I was successful; log signed and retrieved. So nice to see an empty logbook for once! I’m usually beaten to these things by (CO) muddy legs or Go Catch!

Small geocaching logbook, signed only with "20 Apr 2024 07:30 Dan Q FTF!", against a background of green leaves.

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