Dan Q found GC340EG Leslie

This checkin to GC340EG Leslie reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

I find myself in Cropredy but once a year, at most, and for the obvious reason. The festival atmosphere, not to mention the hordes of revellers, does not in general bode well for a successful geocaching expedition! But I’ve persisted, mostly by virtue of being an early riser than most of the partygoers and inclined towards a swift morning constitutional (as mentioned here), and I’ve gradually picked off each of the local caches bar this one and a multi that’s somewhat incompatible with the festival.

This time last year I came very near to this GZ while hunting for GC9GK2V “Mr Impossible”, but it was coming close to the time I anticipated that the kids would wake up and demand breakfast, so I turned around before reaching “Leslie”. This year I’ve pressed directly on to this cache, thankful for the cool damp air through which my brisk walk took me compared to last year’s saunalike heat.

As others have noted, the cache container has seen better days but it’s still just about holding together (insert your own joke about aging folk rockers here). Regardless, a delightful morning walk before a day of music. SL, TFTC.

Dan, on a path through a young cornfield, stares towards the distant clouds.

Dan, on a path through a young cornfield, stares towards the distant clouds.×


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