Things The Other Child Did Wrong That Lead To The Fight that I’ve heard so far today:

  • Clapped too loudly
  • Sang too loudly
  • Sang too quietly
  • Sang the wrong words
  • Put their feet too close to the dog
  • Ate the last grape
  • Ate the wrong grape (!?)
  • Finished brushing their teeth first
  • Clapped too loudly, again
  • Called somebody “buttocks”
  • Said somebody had buttocks
  • Expressed interest in going a different route to school
  • Put shoes on in wrong order

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  1. For a time my kids would only go to sleep after being sung three songs in a particular order. Unfortunately they each insisted on different songs, and would scream throughout the other child’s list. Bedtimes were so much fun!


  • Bc Clarity Carlton-Martin
  • Simon
  • Sue McBean 🌿

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