Geohashing expedition 2022-10-24 51 -1

This checkin to geohash 2022-10-24 51 -1 reflects a geohashing expedition. See more of Dan's hash logs.


Wharf Stream Way, Eynsham. I’ve visited this circular footpath many times to walk the dog or to take the children to swim in the river.



I hope to cycle/walk to the GZ about lunchtime? I’ve an opportunity to pass nearby the GZ between other errands this morning!


I was excited to see this spot pop up on my radar, because it’s a lovely meadow that I’ve ocassionally walked my dog in, within comfortable cycling distance of my house. As it happened, I had an even easier route here because a drive this morning to drop the kids off at a half-term activity took me “close enough” to be worth stopping and walking from there.

I parked at The Talbot Inn, just West of the Swinford Toll Bridge (a bizzare old bridge that, for weird historical reasons, continues to use human operators to charge 5 pence per car to cross, which surely cannot be cost-effective!). From here, there’s a footpath along the back of the Seimens buildings in the nearby light industrial estate which eventually comes out into the Wharf Stream Way circular walk. It was pretty damp out here today and I quickly regretted my choice of light trousers which would have been fine to drive the kids to their camp and back but wasn’t really a good choice for stomping across the long grass of a damp meadow. Some way across I disturbed some grazing deer, but ultimatey it was following a deer-trodden trail that eventually provided the best route to the GZ.

I reached the GZ at 09:19, took a selfie, and then turned around to go and get to work. I also shot a video covering the whole expedition which is presented, unedited, below.


My GPSr kept a tracklog; note that this was an “on the way” stopoff so the start and end point isn’t the same!

Map showing a journey from Witney to Stanton Harcourt via Wharf Stream Way meadow, East of Eynsham.


Dan makes a silly grin while holding a GPS receiver in a damp grassy autumn meadow, on a grey and drizzly day.


Map of 51.7782009,-1.3564190

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