Dan Q found GC9H105 Mr Nonsense

This checkin to GC9H105 Mr Nonsense reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

While free rest of the festival nursed their hangovers or simply enjoyed a much-needed lie-in after staying up late singing “Meet on the Ledge”, I got up early and came out for a walk. And, I figured, given the relative quiet of the canalside for the first time in a few days, an opportunity to find a geocache or two.

Comong among the road from the East – where I’ve camped – at first I was stumped as to where this could be hidden. As soon as I changed to a different path I immediately worked out where to look. TFTC!

Dan, wearing a rainbow-striped bandan, waves to the camera from a rural canal towpath.

Map of 52.115022,-1.316039

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