Dan Q found GC13FY2 You don’t have to tremor; it’s not your fault.

This checkin to GC13FY2 You don't have to tremor; it's not your fault. reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My last cache in the USA before I fly home to the UK this afternoon. Seeing the lake (which, aside from human intervention in creating a reservoir, fundamentally exists because of a millenia-old fissure along the fault line) really helps put the scale of the fault into perspective. A delightful walk to the GZ with only a smattering of drizzle plus a chance sighting of a doe and her fawn made this expedition perfect. If I find myself in this part of the world again, I shall try to hire a bike in order to better explore these trails. TFTC; FP awarded for the assistance in putting this world-famous fault line into perspective.

Dan at the San Andreas fault

Map of 37.5804,-122.411

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