1. :o what recipe do you use? It’s so fun to make! I make a couple of batches every year :D I’m currently experimenting with freezing it

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  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    My elderflower cordial recipe’s pretty simple: for each 750ml of water you use, heat and dissolve-in 1.25kg sugar then add a sliced lemon, as many washed elderflower heads as will fit in the pan (squish them down a bit) and a teaspoon of citric acid (more if you want it to last a long time; it’s a great preservative). Let it sit for at least a day, then strain and bottle.

    We’ve made 1.5l so far and we’re hoping to do two more sessions this spring to give us a total of 4.5l, which should last us through until autumn. We’ve had a little difficulty this year with some kind of insect that’s been attacking the lower flowers of our local elder population, but we’re still getting a good enough crop to work with.

  3. Oh nice! I normally pick the flowers off of the green and put those into a bowl but it takes a really long time. I find mine is super hit and miss which is a bit annoying – some batches turn out really nice and others don’t. Good tip on the citric acid!!

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