Dan Q found GC1TYZW Gordano services Motorway Mayhem M5 J19

This checkin to GC1TYZW Gordano services Motorway Mayhem M5 J19 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Stopped on the way back from Penzance to Oxford after a weekend in geocaching and geocaching-like activities, including introducing my partner’s brother to the sport while putting him through an adventure weekend I called Challenge Robin II. After the interminable A30 and a miserably rainy M5 I was pleased for the excuse to stop she stretch my legs, and doubly pleased when I discovered that there was a geocache in the vicinity.

No litter on the path, which was nice. Close to the GZ I soon spotted a geotrail and quickly had the container in my hand. TFTC!

Map of 51.478623,-2.705319

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