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Following yesterday’s Challenge Robin adventure during which I sent my partner’s brother on an extended treasure trail covering London and Penzance, we decided to have a more-relaxed day today with a gentle hike to a few geocaches (and with a pub lunch in the middle).

We didn’t have any intention of hunting for this cache, but as we passed from the remaining Baloo series to the HR caches my GPSr pinged to let me know about the proximity of this one. We were just starting to look at the clue and working out whether we could have made an attempt to solve it “in the field” when the CO happened to pass by and told us that we couldn’t: this was a puzzle to tackle back indoors. (Having come home and looked more-closely at it, I disagree: I could have gotten what I suspect is all the information I need to solve it from in the field, but most ‘cachers probably don’t carry the necessary equipment with them when they’re out and about so CO’s guidance probably still stands.) Nonetheless, we carried on with our walk and it’s only as I write this, later, that I take a cursory look at what it’d have taken to try my luck while out-and-about.

Robin and I aren’t around for much longer on this holiday, so there might not be the opportunity to solve and find this one this time around, but it’ll make the list for if I come back.


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