Dan Q found GLVYGRN8 Boggling Boolean

This checkin to GLVYGRN8 Boggling Boolean reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Given that I’ve lived very near to here for longer than this cache has existed, you’d be forgiven for wondering what took me so long. I don’t even have the excuse that many might: that the array of strange symbols, lines, and letters might be too puzzling for me, but that’s not the case either! When the cache first appeared I instantly recognised the language that was being used: I just couldn’t work out how that could be used to express a set of GPS coordinates.

Today, at long last, I thought to look at the hint. I can’t believe it’s been years and I hadn’t: I guess I’d assumed that it would have only helped me with the location of the actual container, more fool me. Anyway: once I read the hint, I instantly knew what I had to do. I was feeling lazy, so I translated the code into a slightly different format and punched it into an online service that can help with this kind of thing, and suddenly I was over 80% of the way there. But one digit (the fourth) was throwing me off… it seemed to be giving me a result that didn’t MEAN anything. Only when I stopped and thought about what a particular letter might represent did I realise my folly!

A short cycle later and the cache was in my hand: it was in the first place I looked. Unfortunately a part of the cache container flew off and attached itself to a hard-to-reach spot on my bike, and it took me a while to put the container back together again! Worse yet, while undoing the damage I’d caused (it’s fine now, by the way) I dropped my pen, which meant that I didn’t have it with me when I reached my next cache stop, GC6HV83 (Easy as 1-2-3), but more on that later.

FP awarded.

Pen I lost at the GZ and had to come back for.

Map of 51.83538,-1.30475

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