Dan Q found GLVJCWVB Filton 2 (Community Garden Revived)

This checkin to GLVJCWVB Filton 2 (Community Garden Revived) reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Driving back from Exmoor to Oxfordshire I decided to “cut the corner” between the M5 and M4 to fit a little geocaching in. My first instinct as to where this was hidden (despite my GPSr telling me I was wrong) was unsurprisingly unsuccessful, but as soon as I trusted my kit I found the container instantly. As others have said, it’s quite remarkable that it’s still there considering the severe pollarding that’s clearly taken place recently! Tucked cache a few centimetres deeper into cover to help keep it from prying eyes. TFTC!

Map of 51.50782,-2.57467

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