Dan Q found GLMJ54B9 #Alice In Wyederland – Bonus – Was it all a dream?

This checkin to GLMJ54B9 #Alice In Wyederland - Bonus - Was it all a dream? reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

N 51° 43.370 W 002° 41.257

In my previous log entry, I’d gotten to the end of a two-trip expedition to find Alice In Wyederland caches #1 through #10 and thus collect all of the information necessary to find this, the bonus cache… only to discover that somehow I’d only remembered to write down 9 out of the ten numbers necessary to know for certain the location of this bonus cache. However, I knew that this was my last chance to complete the series (I was already overdue back at Underhill and I wouldn’t get another opportunity to come out before I had to return to Oxfordshire tomorrow morning), so I’d resolved to use what information I had, plus some logical deduction, to calculate the permutations that were reasonable possibilities for the location of this final stage.

My first attempt was… wrong.

I shan’t share the coordinates that I thought the cache might be at, of course (in case somebody else tries to use them to work out where it really is), but suffice to say that I found myself at around N 51°43.370, W 002° 41.257 and half-way down a steep and treacherous embankment before I thought to double-check the cache description and went “Hang on a minute… this isn’t a Terrain 1.5: it’s more like a 3 or 4!”That’s when I realised that I must be very, very off course.

I took a painful clamber back to solid ground and once again cursed the fact that I’d somehow neglected to write down one of the digits from the previous five caches… or, at least, that I hadn’t been more-careful and noted specifically which cache each of the four digits I had recorded had come from: I’d written them down in order, but I didn’t know for certain whether it was #6, #7, #8 or #9 that I was missing!

I calculated the remaining permutations, and one of them looked feasible, so I trekked over there and was delighted to discover that my maths had paid-off: my GPSr was right on the money and delivered me right to the spot. Looking at the log, it looks like a confused muggle has found it at some point (they’ve written into it “Can anybody explain to me what this book is all about?”, and a geocacher has left a helpful comment in case they return, telling them what to search for on the Web!).

So: victory in the end, and a great end to one of the best cache series I’ve ever visited. FP awarded, and very well-earned: it’s hard to pick out favourites among the series, because so many of them were so good, but the rewarding moment of getting here, to the finale, was a particularly special moment.

Left German “Go East” geocoin (yeah, I know – I brought it West – sorry about that). Also improved the camoflage of the cache with the help of some nearby natural resources (it was somewhat more-visible from the nearest path than I think the CO had intended).

Thanks so much for this series, RaynSallynIsabelle: the geocaching world needs more people like you.

Map of 51.7228,-2.6919

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